Notes for Maya/Sean:

At what points in the story [scenes] sky-screen gets the images? Gypsies stories DS special?

... story and sky-slides narrative [ images ]

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The Caligari Animation Project: An animated representation of Theatre UAF's "Caligari, Alaska." You can see it April 17-26 in the Salisbury Auditorium. Directed by Anatoly Antohin. This project was completed over spring break 2009 by assistant director Brian Lyke.

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From 2009
dreams [Sean]




Tableaux and sky [circus tent?]

Shadow Theatre


B/W film-quotes and color art montage -- "dreams"

Transition from Night skies to movies images : stills, and them -- moving, slow motion?

How it gets back to night sky?

Special sound? Theme -- ...

... THEMES : film600 :



(Scene Guide Name) Name for Projection
"Quotations that could appear in scene" 
notes for director
(Tableaux) There are spirits everywhere... they are all around us. can the spirits move in the tableaux while the humans don't?

(Prologue and Circus) An Act to DIE for

(Caligari feeds his Son) Male Bonding Time or How to Properly Care for Your Synambulist

(Alan wants Action) Alan wants Action (Death of Alan) Alan gets Action "Yes Yes Yes!"

(Police find a bloody coat) The Scene of the Crime or "That's Funny, Alan should have been home by now..."

(City of Hands)
Chaos all around/ Raise your hands together/ Let's stop fearing now/ Raise your hands together. -Lyrics from a song by Tokio Hotel

(Cesare breaks free of the experiment) In the name of Science!

(Cesare dances with his love) Let your soul dance

(Police confront Caligari) He has a search warrant scotch-taped to the front of his bullet-proof vest.

(Father reads the Diary) The Diary of a Demon "The evidence I need to put Caligari away!"

(Father/Caligari showdown) Midnight

(Panic) Bedlam

(Death of Cesare) Torches and Pitchforks "Kill Kill Kill!" (can the witches get the audience to chant Kill Kill Kill?)

(Battle of Good/Evil) Pandemonium

(Square Dance of Souls) Dances of the dead and dying

(Madhouse and Epilogue) "We're all mad here," said the Cheshire Cat to Alice.



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