Madness : To understand Caligari, "You must become Caligari."

death -- two kinds

Fear, Horror, Terror -- the scene when the mob kills Cesare [Three Stages]

... Carnival Themes.

From Fear to Terror -- present day references?
topics.txt -- fear : terror : horror : film600 & stagematrix
Night scenes with flash lights! Who starts it?

Live Writing Advice

... Collective madness -- Panic mise-en-scen



New scenes -- blog?

... ... KILLING CESARE -- when (before) he walks away with the Girl... [Instead of taking the girl back home!]
What about the policeman?
Sophi cries.
Is Alan back?
Prostitutes are drunk?
Father R. take of his cross -- and puts it back after the killing.
Caligari reacts as they hit him!
What about the girl? Does she wake up? As is she was raped!
The Puppet in place of Cesare.
Police covers the body...
Sky-video fragment # ?


And his father goes mad! Harmonica.

Sound and silence.



On stage? How?

Carnival? With Am. flags? 4th of July? Masks? ("meat is allowed")

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Theatre UAF 2009 Caligari

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