Caligari's Diary -- read by Father R. (Before he come with the police?) His books, his box... First Full run ? Date !

... Write some texts for the Gypsies?! IMPROV only!

3 sisters, 3 fates in Characters

Somehow my theme of the confrontation between Individual and Masses (Caligari and Folks) is in the show... I am sorry for Dr. Caligari. Oh, you, Romantics! Two centuries later you still alive!

PROLOGUE [Faust's first monologue]


Life of subjects:

"Flower" segment -- !!

Cesare-puppet alone on stage -- when? After his death? [the puppet is not fully used]

... and Caligari's hat! [Places, light specials]


... missing scenes?! playwright G-group?

video mise-en-scene on

Soul-girl find Cesare -- "One Heart" Dance


3 Witches against Sophi and Guardian Angels (Mothers) -- WHEN?
White Magic -- get straight through Sophi' song, bell
Driving Caligari and Girl (body) crazy -- and the evil wins!

... KILLING Cesare SCENE [last death for 3 Sisters]

And -- they turn into nurses?

... Shadow Theatre Segments --

Then Minuet - Polka ... and the Epilogue: Asylum

[ --
Radio drama 2008 ]

plays Intro & notes + About the web-book [dramaturgy]

Gypsies: We are in the story, but not in the story, but not really controlling the story or even really telling/explaining the story... Story of the Witches -- do they disappear at the end? [tableaux]

... Question is connected with the Sophi' story!!

Hyper-texts for web-edition of Caligari!!