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Notes for Isaac:

PM 3.19.09:

i definately have a "caligare /cesare theme" music that is dark and slightly robotic, its a bassline alternative song in a mnor key, and we could play it several times, slightly differently, such as tenderly on a piano, Dark and slowly brooding on an organ, try it out at different tempos... etc.

i will be working on the following themes.

a song for: introduction, lights up introducing characters

Circus music (you said you wanted it not with a dance beat) i can redo it. probably an organ

police music (this will come back 3 times... jey said the idea was they were Brave and gallant until a trace of danger appears, then they are cowardly) that kind of description would be helpful for other characters... or maybe animal words... like "if yoru character were an animla wha would he be?

the above mentioned caligare - cesare theme.

Claire's theme (maybe the banjo loop)

Caligari alan death scene music (could be a skittery, dramatic version of the caligari theme)

the soul dance- it seemed some people already liked the song we were using there.

police theme again... a variations beating cesare music\battle of good and evil. a climax, msuci that incorporates previous themes...

Madhouse scene music??? will this be in the final version?

the 3 muses, fates, witches gypsies theme? will the sceen with thier thread be in the final version? maybe i could bring my accordion and try improvising based on the actors motions

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Curtain Music = same ia in circus scene (top) : soundtrack

... Pre-show : Prologue = Tableaux

gypsy blues

Moody Blues Mystery Song

The Moody Blues - Had to fall in Love (?)

Sophi --

MUSIC: finale : 8.5 Fellini: and other midi files! polka2 polka3 polka4

... techno :

But Quartet # 15 is better for video-dreams (Sean).

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