... story -- PROLOGUE [Faust]

Caligari turning them into animals? They are animals. To turn them into angels would be a real task!

Do they remember it?

How much do they remember?


Themes 600 : machine, evil, bad...

Sergio-Corbin with Anatoly, WED. 7 pm Green Room:

"Stabbing" -- Before the midnight

DSC : Oh, no! Caligari: Oh, yes!

Stages : Taking control over Alan [hypnotizing]

-- I want to die!

Alan : -- I want to die! Stabbing himself. Taking his coat first, bloody inside. - Oh, yes, yes! Losing his mind. Walking away, leaving his bloody coat on stage, street.

I,m Caligari, Dr. Caligari, the Master!

The witches-gypsies come out again driving him crazy...


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Three Sisters, gypsies, angels/muses, as well. Intuition against Mind (Dr.Caligari) ... Who is who? Different roles for each!

... we see in the sleep-walking scene; but the only other female character, Lady Macduff, ... and can be related to the three furies of classical mythology. [research by Jay? Raf?]

links [page]

Rumors are enough for them to accuse and condemn Cesare of murder!

Why his father cannot defend him? What's the matter, Dr. Caligari?



live show vs. web-show [ stagematrix.com ? ]

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Repeated: 2nd time -- Circus Event "You die tonight!" [ who said it first before Cesare? Witches -- which one? The scene of their fight. ]

Cesare-Girl : "Breaking Through the Black Wall" etude [ Falling in Love ] -- crowd is between them!

... LOVE STORY : Souls visits Cesare, dragging the body with her, sleepwalking, faints, falls nest to Sophi, Souls dances -- prostitutes discover ner, walk away... Father comes to [ick her?

Father-Son love -- Father - Daughter LOVE

... Father kills to fulfill the son's prophesies: drives Alan mad.

That's how they all end up in the mental hospital!

Soul-less girl visits the place/spot where Cesare/her soul died...

[ What Caligari did with the dead body of Cesare? ]

... tableaux : acting biomechanics

Back flashes : How his wife died giving birth to Cesare

-- Other scenes from the past?

The End : They lost their minds out of fear!

NEW SCENES to rehearse : 2.16.09 :
Caligari's visit to Alan -- and the rumors "Murder" [following scene]
Father Ramiro's visit to Dr. Caligari
FEAR: when people began to afraid each other, afraid to shake hands, come near, look at each other, look in your eyes...


To start and finish with 3 Sisters : The Three Witches first appear in 1.1 where they agree to meet later with Macbeth...


Theatre UAF 2009 Caligari

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