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To say the least, the technical portion of the evening under the direction of Matthew Unkeholz dazzled. The set design of Dale Seeds was brilliantly executed as was the lighting by Jeff Stover. The costumer Jennifer Ables had to recreate the costuming of the film and succeeded beautifully. This was an eye-popping production.

The individual acting is harder to judge because the actors had to recreate the style of the film which is far from subtle. There is no realism in the film, so the dialogue needed to be delivered based on the extreme physicalization of the film. What I can say is that everyone was on the same page in their line delivery and posturing. Whether it was due to their individual talents or the direction of Thomas Riccio, it is hard to ascertain because of the heavily stylized nature of the production. One thing I can say is they were all consistent, which was a good thing.

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