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... where is the puppet of Cesare at the end?

Theatre Poetry, "writing a show"? As if making a movie... [Total Director,,]

Prologue [page] -- to establish ambiguity of the # Gypsies: transformation from gypsy-sisters into allegories [ fear, panic, terror ]. One by one appearing from three different directions, colors assigned, sounds, special moves...


"Poems" for each, dancing together -- and transforming back to gypsies, when the town folks show up. Only the old woman/beggar is present and sees their transformation to witches/muses.

Does Caligari suspect their powers? Girl-soul and Cesare see them!

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NOTES for LUL -- artistic :

... intro & ps
How to use "Moments" in acting/directing classes?

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Pedro, Clair, Mary -- acting2 (Character development ideas)

Directing -- Pedro, Tricia... (Scene Study)

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[ The concept of ] IMAGINARY THEATRE, or Theatre-Image

Theatre of my mind -- web is the perfect medium for "theatre of one" : virtual = ideal.



director's notes

old pages --

theatre without words


I wrote a lot of pages about "why Caligari"?

Why would I direct my last show at UAF based on a silent movie, without a script?

Well, that is what a director does, creating new "texts" and "meanings" using stage languages.

... I know that I won't come with good director's notes for this show. Why would I like to tell a story of Dr. Caligari, the old man who wanted to have the powers over life and death? It must be about myself. Or maybe his son Cesare, the somnambulist, is me, dreamed through my days and year? And the simple German silent movie circa 1919 was becoming in my imagination a love story of sleepwalking boy and the soul of a girl, who never knew that she was in love...

Then came out the stories of the dead mothers, who still act as guardian angels for their children, the spirits that always near us.

Some characters never evolved fully, like the old beggar with the angelic face, Sophi, or even the Three Sisters, the witches, the fates, the gypsies...

Well, it was an improvisation. For me, for actors, for designers. Beside white and black magic there another one -- theatre magic, and I wanted to see if we could be make this "virtual theatre" of images and ideas. Something like a little poem on stage, a ballad, a sonnet without words.

I thank the cast and crew for their courage to dream with me this spring, their belief that live theatre is about live people in front of other live souls.

I do not say goodbye to Alaska, Africa is just a click away. Lul Theatre, where I will continue my day dreaming, awaits with more stories to be brought to life.


This entire directory is MY notes for Theatre UAF production of Caligari! : notes for myself.

... -- director's lab!

STORY : How did Caligari drive Alan mad/suicidal?

C. gives him his knife -- kill yourself!

Alan cuts himself...

Loses him mind -- too much worries for his body/life.

Runs, leaving blood's trace!

Does it lead to C/C place?

... Girl discovers that Alan is gone, runs to her father -- Father to Policeman, both to the circus on the square, Caligari's tent!

[ Where is C. keep the puppet, why did he made it? To show that he kills Cesare, but he still lives! ]

Cesare's body magically disappears -- nothing, and then the puppet appears instead of Cesare.

Caligari caries the puppet with him back to the tent...


The end : Cesare with his puppet in the hospital. Mad Alan and the Girl, are a happy couple, with the father crazy, as well.

Mad policeman

Crazy prostitutes -- and "dead mothers"


The only the soul of the girl is outside -- in the house? Pointed by the Three Gypsies.

Caligari's Diary :


Theatre UAF 2009 Caligari

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web-show? maybe.