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hope Christina's World --

Caligari to Gypsy: -- What does she say?
- You didn't love me enough and I died.
- I loved her! I loved you!
Wife/Prostitute in her bird's language -- and Gypsy:
-- Not enough.

... -- between life and death

... flashbacks & flash forwards -- pictures, upper side stage? Future against Past.

Many with visions? Dr. Caligari, Cesare, Girl, the Gypsies, Sophi-old woman...
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Circus as concept : monsters, freaks, creeps, abnormalities, including strong man and animals.

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Spirits is not normal, too. Love?

... THEMES and video-poetry in [Tarkovsky, Bergman, Kurosawa, Fellini]
Poems -- Faust [ Prologue ], Donne, Poe. Rilke...
Sophi, dead mothers
... Sean, music = sound [Shostakovitch : Quartet #? at the bottom] DREAMS

Not WHY but HOW to write about dreams!

Dreams I remember not...

Dreams I never had.

Angels do not dream?

God's Dreams... or Devil's, at least.

Poetry is better dreaming.

... -- Russian Idea, Ideal, Dream, Utopia [Caligari's dictionary]

P Project = Project Utopia =

Are dreams beautiful? Any dream... misused word "beautiful".



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mini-stories? Dreams #1 [name]

Three Dreams [Elements of Nature -- Fire, Air, Water...]

Dream of Sharing Dreams


... What does FEAR struggle with? Love? Fear of death and fear of living...

Fine Art gallery -- Dreams in Paintings : Is Cesare a sleeping poet we will never know?

The only one who see the beauty because he is silent and dreamy...

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Dead Mother sings together with Cesare?

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Prologue : sound -- too well known?

3 Witches silent presence... ?