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I do not think it will come down to this webBook... "Making Caligari" [photo call images]

Should I go back to the idea of "Caligari's Diary" His POV of events, prose?

New pages?

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From Caligari-Alaska to Africa [summer]
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video segments -- film quotations and original

shadow theatre [didn't work]

two worlds : puppets (people) and spirits

Cesare's Double -- dummy


Dead Mothers and their story [Big problem -- how do we know who they are?]

3 Gypsies and their hand puppets

Costumes without Bodies


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"Making Caligari" -- documentary Theatre UAF DVD

Caligari in Africa? Not right away, at least. Style/Method -- yes!


LOVE Story [ Parents and children, boy and girl ]

story points :

Unknown love

Fear of the unknown, different

... death?


rumors, fear... terror

... whispers -- dies, murder, killed, who, he, when, where...

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I do not that that I will be back to Caligari Files, judging by -- my plans are not executable. I have to leave my webpages as is... Anatoly, summer 2009

... Caligari Act II, III and so on!


Theatre UAF 2009 Caligari

banner.txt : 2009 ACTING & DIRECTING classes + Total Actor, Total Director Files for LUL

stagematrix caligari Total Director files -- fundamentals of direction for everyone? Directing Daily, not on stage... Dr. Caligari as director?

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Caligari's diaries from Hell ? [film600]


2010 ?

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